Q30 Television

About News Team 30

Started in January of 2014, News Team 30 is a part of the Q30 News department that includes live reporting, breaking news footage and packages about stories within the Hamden/New Haven area. Several packages will be produced each week that will be featured on the Q30 Newscast, as well as on Q30 Television’s YouTube channel.

News Team 30 will be taking over the Q30 News Updates, but the packages will have more storytelling and potential to follow up on the story. The team will consist of three main producers and editors, along with the option of anyone available to go on air or work behind the scenes. Its goal is to give college students the most realistic newsroom experience while having fun in the process.

Check out Q30 Television’s YouTube page and the Q30 News Twitter for complete News Team 30 coverage.

For any questions, comments and concerns about News Team 30, you can contact the news department at q30news@gmail.com