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Chartwells to make changes for Fall 2017

By: Cali Kees

With many disappointed students taking countless surveys and attending focus groups, Chartwells is taking steps forward to encompass student needs and wants.

Last Monday Chartwells uploaded a PDF document of their plan and new dining options for the Fall 2017 semester.

“We took all our results, everything that they wanted and we pulled all the information it was a long process. And then from that process this is what we decided was the best way to attack…everybody’s wants and needs,” Leean Spalding, Chartwells Director of Dining, said.

Many students are excited for the many changes like the licensed Starbucks being placed in SC 225. Another Au Bon Pain will be placed in the Center of Communications and Engineering and a Revolution Noodle and sushi station will be in the faculty lounge.

Megan O’Keefe, sophomore said, “It’s definitely a good idea there are not many options for students here right now. So I think adding a Starbucks, another ABP, sushi, noodles I think those are great options because a lot of people do like variety but there isn’t variety right now.”

Café Q is not the only café that will be receiving big changes. The North Haven café is being remodeled to include a Balance Kitchen with healthier, fresh and local options as well as a Peete’s Café.

“I’m supposed to be gluten intolerant and lactose intolerant I’m really excited about the new changes. All my classes are on North Haven next year and there’s going to be new fresh healthy food so I’m really excited about that,” O’Keefe added.

Chartwells is also working to enhance students dining experience implementing campus wide events, food specials and even a free birthday meal.

“I am particularly excited because these enhancements are a direct reflection of the student voice,” Monique Drucker, Vice President and Dean of Students, said in a statement to Q30. “In addition, we plan to host more campus-wide events in the dining hall as well as across the campuses, which we hope will contribute to our sense of community.”

However, not every student is excited for these café changes. With the placement of Starbucks in SC 225 student organizations are losing a room where they often use for larger meetings and events.

“That’s a popular meeting spot for a lot of student organizations and the fact that they are taking it away…just upsets me because where else are we going to go? A small student center room? Like I just don’t see that happening,” junior, Alexa Zeoli said.

The meal plans are also changing. Next Fall Quinnipiac will be implementing a teared meal plan where students will have three options to choose from. The platinum meal plan costing $3,600 is targeted for those students with bigger appetites, the gold meal plan costing $3,400 is a middle level option and the silver meal plan costing $3,200 is targeted to those students who have lighter appetites. A bronze meal plan will also beimplemented for commuter students costing $400 for the full year.

The old meal plan cost $2,100 for the full year and now with this new teared plan each meal plan option increases at least $1,100. And while this is exciting news for students who always seem to run out of meal plan money, those who finish the semesters with a surplus of money are not so happy.

“If there was a way to be refunded for what I don’t spend then I would be all for increasing the amount of money that goes towards the meal plan,” freshmen Christina DePaulis said. “But until then, the tuition for this school already costs enough, so I think that students are going to be frustrated to have to spend even more just to get a meal plan.”

Chartwells employees are hoping that these changes will add the variety many students have been looking for as well as cut down the long lines.

“Oh I’m really excited it’s great because it just proves that we have a great relationship with Quinnipiac, it’s really long term. They’re supporting us [and] we work together,” Spalding said.

While Chartwells is hoping that the construction will be done by the time students come back for the fall semester, they have acknowledged construction does take time. They have confirmed that everything should be completed by October of 2017 at the latest. There are also plans to remodel the Bobcat Den which will take place in the 2018 year.

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