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Q30 Newscast: 4/5/2017

Kerry Golden and Krista Dillane host this week’s episode of the Q30 Newscast.

This week Q30 gives a live interview with the new SGA student body president, why the Big Event has fewer students involved this year and how a local business fares with being a restaurant by day and hot spot for college students at night.

John McMahon has the latest on both the Quinnipiac elections and how President Trump is continuing to act in your political update.

Cullen Ronan has the story on why Sacred Heart University mourns the loss of a student and a bridge that collapsed in your national news.

The weather is finally getting warmer. Paige Meyer tells us what we can expect this week in the weather report.

Cali Kees has this week’s entertainment news while Chris Dacey gives the latest on the opening games for the spring sports teams.

All this and more on the Q30 Newscast.

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