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SGA Weekly Update 3/1/17

By Anna Sackel

The following information was discussed at the general meeting of the Student Government Association on March 1, 2017.

That’s Not Okay Campaign

  • Being launched on March 21st.
  • The goal of the campaign is to spark conversation around campus on different topics such as race and gender.
  • Julie Winokur is coming to speak to students in the piazza. Time is TBD.

Lead The Future Campaign

  • The class of 2020 cabinet created a Facebook page for it.
  • The page spotlights different outstanding freshman.
  • The goal of the campaign is to encourage freshman to get involved and recognize those doing good things in the community.

Tuesdays Two Results

  • How well do you feel that SGA is representing your wants and needs at Quinnipiac?
    • Extremely well – 7%
    • Well – 34%
    • Moderately – 34%
    • Slightly – 17%
    • Not at all – 8%
  • How responsive do you think administration is to student concerns?
    • Extremely responsive – 3%
    • Responsive – 16%
    • Moderately responsive – 35%
    • Slightly responsive – 31%
    • Not at all responsive – 15%


  • SGA plans to start live streaming all general board meeting.
  • Senior tailgate to a baseball game is being planned for after spring break.
  • Class of 2018 cabinet is looking into making changes to the cafeteria and gym on Rocky Top. More details to come.
  • A proposal has been sent to the University to suggest reading days before finals. Reading days are days before finals and after classes end to give students better study time.

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