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Quinnipiac University changes wordmark to fit new brand

By: Anna Sackel

Quinnipiac University announced today, Feb. 17, it’s changing its wordmark design. Since starting the process of rebranding in 2016, Quinnipiac has been changing much of its look, including its logo, Q-Cards, and public safety cars.

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 1.16.48 PM

According to a statement released by the university, its secondary wordmark did not match the schools new brand, which puts more emphasis on ‘Quinnipiac’ and less on ‘University’.

“We determined that our secondary and full wordmark ‘Quinnipiac University’ appears substantively different from our primary wordmark by giving too much weight to the word ‘university’ at a time when our goal is to shift attention to the ‘Quinnipiac’ brand.”

The new secondary wordmark keeps the same look as the new branding package and puts the word ‘university’ in alignment with that. When the new logo was first released, many people were complaining the ‘U’ in university should be capitalized and that the lower case ‘t’ made it look like it was spelled ‘universily.’


Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 1.12.08 PM

Old wordmark

New wordmark

New wordmark






The reveal of the new branding at the start of the 2016-2017 school year sparked outrage amongst some students. Senior marketing major Brett Segelman started a petition to have the school fix the grammatical issue. Segelman says he is very pleased to see the change.

“Never have I been prouder to be a student at Quinnipiac. It goes to show that if enough people band together to demonstrate outrage, change can truly take place,” said Segelman. “I commend the University for doing the right thing here. Capitalize the U!”

This new wordmark showcases Quinnipiac as the main emphasis, while fixing many of the previous critiques of the rebranding. This change may come as unexpected to many, but not everyone is pleased with this change.

Junior Jennifer Ambrogio says she doesn’t see the point in spending so much effort on this. “I don’t get it. I don’t understand why they have to have the fonts so different and bold one word and not they other. I think it looks weird and I don’t think it’s necessary.”

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