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Whitney Avenue pizzeria now called Falcon Pizza

By Cali Kees

As Quinnipiac students returned to campus from winter break, many were surprised to see that the recently established Bobcat Pizza had changed its name to Falcon Pizza.

Students were unsure where the name Falcon came from and looked to the Atlantic Falcons that have secured their spot in this year’s Super Bowl, while others believed that the name came from Quinnipiac’s close neighbor Albertus Magnus, whose mascot is a Falcon.

Quinnipiac freshman Shane Grant said, “It’s on the street right over there. So why wouldn’t it be named Quinnipiac when the other college is like 10 miles away from us?”

Other students had no idea where the name could have possibly come from, sophomore, Samantha Gatto said, ““I don’t know I’m kind of confused why is it Falcon? Like what is the purpose of that? What team is Falcon?”

Falcon Pizza owner Steve Sahin said, “The reason we picked the Falcon pizza is our last name is Falcon.”

Some students believed that the name change occurred because of a change in ownership as the restaurant space at 3394 Whitney Ave seems to be constantly flipping.

“It’s still the same owners, same employees, same food and same qualities so nothing changed besides the name,” Sahin said.

However, Q30 News received tips from students who had heard that the change of name had occurred due to a lawsuit that Quinnipiac threatened Bobcat Pizza with. Quinnipiac University declined to comment.

Despite the situation, things are looking up for Falcon Pizza. Sahin explained that within the next few weeks they will finally have Q-card machines and will be accepting Q-cash.

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