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Lahey presents a $1.4 million check to the town of Hamden

By Beverly Wakiaga


Quinnipiac University and the town of Hamden renewed their relationship as President Lahey presented a $1.4 million check to Hamden mayor, Curt Leng, at a press conference on Friday.

“To have the university bring a financial contribution of this significance to the town is certainly appreciated,” Mayor Leng said.

The university press release states that the money is going towards property taxes, payment for town police and EMT services, as well as a charitable contribution to the town.

According to the press release, the town of Hamden also walks away with $3.1 million from the state as part of Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) program due to Quinnipiac’s presence in the town.

“It goes to show that the university recognizes the town’s need for that assistance for the services we provide,” Mayor Leng said.

Mayor Leng stated that $100,000 of the money would go to resuming Quinnipiac’s annual support of “Arts, Culture and Town Non-profit partners.” The rest will be used to support town expenses, and guardian services.

“This year has been the best year between town government relations and the relationship I have with Mayor Curt Leng and the town of Hamden. It’s the best it has been in my thirty years,” said Lahey.

The amount of money is higher than the $600,000 the school paid last year during a rocky period between the two. This change in relationship has led to Quinnipiac adding back the Hamden plaza as a stop on its shuttle service.

At the press conference, President Lahey also announced that the university is in its final planning stages of adding another hall on York Hill.

“The mayor has also constantly impressed for us to build more residence halls and to move more of our students who live in non-university owned and operated housing to our campuses here,” explained Lahey.

Lahey also addressed the recently demolished houses on Whitney Avenue. The university intends to “beautify” and make the demolished area a green space.

“Quinnipiac is enormously appreciative of the town of Hamden,” said Lahey, “we wouldn’t be the great university we are without the support we get here.”

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