SALT program helps students financially

By Elijah Westbrook,

It’s no secret that the majority of college students graduate with a lot of debt. Fortunately for some students, there is a program out there that can help them alleviate some of that bill before and after they graduate.

Quinnipiac University established a new financial aid program called SALT, which was established back in February. It is meant to help students understand their financial expenditures and become more aware of their finances when they enter the real world.

“It is strictly designed as a financial literacy tool to help them understand the importance of borrowing and being mindful of the amount of debt they could concur if they don’t borrow responsibly,” Dominic Yoia, University Director of Financial Aid, said.

The university says that they are confident this new program will become a huge success among students who have college loans. They feel that no matter how many students actually sign up for the program, those who do will be benefited the most.

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